Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NaPoWriMo update

Day 2's poem came from notes I took in a meditation workshop with the poet Tony Trigilio. It's a small, pretty poem, and I like it. For Day 3, I used to find the 25 most used (root)words in my poetry (I only used 15 poems though), and then turned variations of those words into a teeny, tiny doesn't make much sense poem.

Over water, body
knowing down through long
lovestill watched day,
dark seen lights,
river, sun black god
leaving words’
blue hand grown.

I also put that information in and got this:

For Day 4, I finished the terzanelle I had started on the theme of the "Family Secret." I started with a free verse poem a week or so ago, and after Tony Trigilio read his villanelle composed of phrases from arguments Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife had in their KGB-tapped apartment, I wanted to see what different forms would do to what i had thought the poem was going to be about/the language/etc. It's not too bad, I might mash up the best lines of the formal versions (I might do a ghazal next) and the free verse original to form a new, better poem.
I started writing about whether or not there is sort of a child-molester gene, but the villanelle became more about women's culpability in social disparity (if that makes sense), in continuing the same patterns, I guess.
I haven't finished Day 5's translation, and haven't even started Day 6. So tomorrow, I'm going to be behind. It's okay, though, the few breakthroughs I've had are, for me, the point of this month-long exercise.


  1. happy to see you inspired and inspiring ...
    stunning imagery.

  2. invite you to join Jingle Poetry potluck today,

    first time participants are welcome to share 1 to 3 old poems or poems unrelated to our theme.

    hope to see you share.